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Simple Mehndi Design

Simple Mehndi Design can be as simple as they can be. They also give an elegant look as everyone knows simplicity is the best policy. Mehndi Designs or henna is a shape of frame artwork from old India, wherein different simple mehndi design are drawn on someone’s body, and the use of a mehndi paste, produced from the dry leaves of the plant henna.

There are many options in designs that include Pakistani designs, Indian designs and Arabic designs. Women generally observe simple mehndi design to their hands and feet, although some, along with most cancer patients and women with alopecia from time to time enhance their scalps. The color of mehndi is brown with different layout colors that includes golden and white as well.

What kind of mehndi shall be applied on the body?

Henna acts as the antiviral and antifungal that protect from many skin related diseases.

Secondly, as we all know, traditional Indian marriages happen to be a strenuous and long process. Groom and bride also have to suffer stress due to these issues. Applying Mehndi or Henna on the hands and legs helps to cool down the body, prevents headaches and fevers and also acts as a relaxing agent for the body.

Well the answer is purely Organic Mehndi which is completely chemical free. Any certified or professional mehndi artist would provide you purely chemical free mehndi. We must try to refrain from using those easily available at cheap rates market cones, as they are not organic and have chemical content in them which is not skin friendly. 

10 Simple Mehndi Design

There is a huge number of simple mehndi designs present online. Here are some of the ideas that you can get. I am adding both easy and a bit hard ones according to you.

1.    Arabic Simple Mehndi design

There are many easy Arabic mehndi designs that a girl can opt for and they are very simple, easy and beautiful designs. Arabic design consists of a floral pattern and looks stylish as well as stunning on the backhand. Also, there are many variations that you can try under Arabic design. Young girls don’t prefer to put mehndi on their whole hand instead they consider it a decent work.

2.    Lotus Mehndi Design

Flower design is an obsession these days and is liked by girls of every age. This design adds a very modern touch to the whole mehndi. Other than simple flower design we see lotus is another type of simple flower and is mainly used in mehndi design. This type of mehndi can be applied both on the palm and at the back of the hand.

3.    Three-part Simple Mehndi Design

This is a very beautiful and simple mehndi design and it is done in three parts on the palm. There is no specific design done in this mehndi design, instead three parts are filled with beautiful detailing stuff and then it is outlined by leaf on all three parts. This type of mehndi is put on the back and front both but looks very epic on the back side.

4.    Roses Art Simple Mehndi Design

The very easiest design is the leaves and roses mehndi design. This design has a very different fan club and it looks amazing when you see it first but their design is very easy to make. Just know how to make roses and then you are the master of this design. Other than roses this design is very simple and gives a very decent look and also use checks and other swirls on fingers to give it a complete look. Very suitable for back hand mehndi design and wearing it with bangles and rings give an elegant look.

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5.    Cuts and Keri Mehndi design

Another very modern and trendy design is called as Keri design or the mango shaped mehndi design. This design is drawn on almost every type of mehndi design but this Keri design has its own magnificence as well. It can be drawn both big and small and it gives a glamorous look.  It is a very common design. A mehndi lover, without thinking twice, can go with this design anytime because they will never regret it after wearing this design.

6.    Feet Simple Mehndi Design

Feet mehndi designs are also included in the mehndi designs. The designs of mehndi for feet are now mainly useful and significant to enhance their day. Mehndi designs on feet have a satisfying feeling. The latest foot designs include leaves, peacock, dots and flower patterns. The skin that is uncovered above the feet gives an extraordinary look to the girl’s feet. The best idea is to put the nail paint on your feet to enhance the look.

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7.    Hand Ornament Mehndi Design

Hand ornament is no doubt a girl’s best friend. The best idea is to get this jewelry design wear on your fingers and hands with a beautiful mehndi color. Make jewelry design on your hand and then join the curves and beads with jewelry on your finger. All you have to do is practice thick curves, circles and different cuts and you are done. After putting on this style, don’t forget to wear rings on it to give it a classy look.

8.    Heavy Simple Mehndi Design

Heavy simple mehndi designs are simple in nature and are not intricate like other mehndi designs. This type of mehndi contains simple designs such as leaves, flowers, and birds and many other simple cuts and natural designs and that in result gives it a very heavy look. This type of design is loved by all young souls because of its chic look.

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9.    Different colors simple mehndi design

The main thing about mehndi is it dries very quickly and is very easy to put on. They have very good shading techniques and this results in the different color variants such as maroon, dark orange, black and other dark colors. Simple designs can also be tried on hand with white mehndi. Black mehndi can also be put on for adding more contrasts and color to the design.

10. Fingers Mehndi Design

Mehndi designs can look beautiful and amazing when they are simply designed with no extra cut works. This mehndi design is designed by using other mehndi designs and combining them together to make a beautiful art on fingers. When this design is made it gives a very modish look which grabs attention. The best thing about this design is that this design makes the finger look longer and longer and beautiful.

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You can watch tutorial videos and practice them on a regular basis. If you are a beginner, then firstly try a simple mehndi design on paper and then start it with a very simple design on hand. Day by day you will improve and be able to draw it on hand easily. From an era, mehndi designs have gained a lot of publicity and an artistic popularity that has made this admire people a lot more.

Each design of henna had played a very important part and now simple mehndi designs are being very popular. Mehndi’s simple design has added a lot of charm to the overall mehndi designs. Mehndi had never failed to add glam to your look every time.

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