The Chicago tornado storms left it marks

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Chicago tornado

A tornado touched Chicago international airport. Many of the passengers were affected and hundreds of flights were disrupted. No immediate injuries reports were recorded.

The tornado occurs at around 7 p.m. on the ground on Wednesday. This is the confirmed news according to the National Weather service in Chicago. This tornado touches the ground and it is moving to the East. There are many circulations that are on the south line of O hare. It was said to seek shelter in the warned areas.

Weather service’s prediction

The weather service predicted that there is a risk of severe tornadoes in many areas including Chicago. The national weather service confirmed to the TV channels that many tornadoes have touched the Chicago areas.  For many years many tornadoes occur in the limited areas of Chicago. Between 1855 and 2023 there were 97 tornadoes recorded in the Chicago area.

11 Chicago Tornado on the same day

Around 11 tornadoes touch the parts of Chicago areas on Wednesday. Another cell prominently featured the brief on Tornado warnings in the northwest on Thursday night.

The Tornado touched Huntley, Cicero, Elgin, Long Grove, Barrington, Glendale, Des Plaines, O hare international airport and at Streamwood.

The recent Tornado confirmed Thursday night that it traveled from Carol Stream to Glendale heights, from O’Hare airport to the South east side, from an EF-o from Itasca to O’Hare airport and from EF-o to Streamwood.

Speed of Tornado

The research said that the Elgin tornado was EF 1 with max wind speed of 100 mph. the track started at Rt.47 and it ended near the tracks of the railroad west of Olivia Golf course. The second Tornado in Elgin at EP 0 came closer to Mc Donald’s road and it ended at the Hops road.

The third Tornado EF 1 began near the Burr bridge and it continued across the south westerly country to the near Stickney. It reached winds near 110 mph and it just traveled over 9 miles.

No report of injuries

Fortunately, there are no injury reports and no serious damage. Some trees fell down on cars and roofs were damaged. Neighbors are in the thick of cleaning thick right now. One of the neighbors said that she bends in the basement and then her ears start popping. She said that she walked in the backyard and she saw a little tree down and she didn’t take it seriously. When she came out from the front door she saw devastation. She said that it looked like a bomb had been blasted.

The tornado storms left it marks

The storm left marks that include the garage after the giant fell on top of it. There were broken windows everywhere and many homes were peeled off. The crews were working all day and night to manage the power lines. One of the men is just trying to find the small stuff. The mailbox is missing. He also said that he is expecting the rolling stone issue and he is very excited about it.

Police said that there are 4 homes that are left empty but there are no injuries. Many broken windows, damages and siding were seen in other many homes. Trees fell on the cars at the apartments and near homes. People residing there say that no storm like this has been seen for a very long time.


The Chicago tornado occurs at around 7 p.m. on the ground on Wednesday. This is the confirmed news according to the National Weather service in Chicago. It affected 173 flights which were canceled and more than 500 flights were delayed. The weather service issued 2 warnings of Chicago Tornado. People were warned for people to find shelter as soon as possible. 

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