Back Hand Mehndi Design 2023 New Style Simple

Back Hand Mehndi Design  

When it comes to festivals and wedding season, the first thing that comes to mind is mehndi designs. One of the most famous and traditional arts in Indian culture is mehndi; without it, everything feels incomplete whether it is an occasion, festival, wedding, or any normal celebration.

Especially when it comes to weddings there is not a single function of a wedding complete without a trendy full hand simple mehndi design. If you need a simple Back Hand Mehndi Design, then consider something apart from floral designs. Try something unique such as curves, swirls and other designs that are listed below will help you make other beautiful designs and attract pieces of mehndi designs.

Steps for Back Hand Mehndi Design  

It is very easy to draw mehndi designs and there is nothing hard about it. Anyone can draw mehndi designs easily if interested. By consistent practice you can learn this. Everyone should know how to put mehndi in their own hands and trust me knowing mehndi is a very easy task. If you don’t know how to put mehndi, then you don’t need to worry. Below are the steps that will be helpful for you to learn how to put Back Hand Mehndi Design  

Step 1:

Draw flowers above the second circle and fill out the outer line of the fourth circle and draw flowers on the outermost circles and cover with one more outer line as shown.

Step 2:

Fill out the fingertips with mehndi and draw outer lines. Start always first with simple designs and small cut pieces and you should start with basics first. Draw small names, designs, flowers and many simple and other small designs that you think is easy for you and practice it as much as you can to make it with clarity. You only have to practice a lot and after much and enough practice you can go ahead with clarity. After much practice, you can also be able to design unique and attractive designs.

10 Types of Back Hand Mehndi Design  

Well, there are many Back Hand Mehndi Designs that a girl can opt for but as you asked for simple and beautiful designs, here are many simple mehndi designs that look beautiful on the backhand.

Diamond Shape Back Hand Mehndi Design  

This design is for you if you are the one who prefers to have a simple yet stylish design rather than an elaborated one. Here, fingers are covered with a pattern, and space around the diamond is left empty and that’s what makes it look stylish.

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Arabic Back Hand Mehndi Design  

Arabic design consists of a floral pattern and looks stylish as well as stunning on the backhand. Also, there are many variations that you can try under Arabic design.

Modern Jewelry Back Hand Mehndi Design  

The modern jewelry design is quite trending nowadays as it looks very simple yet beautiful on the backhand. Here, you can choose your own mehndi design according to your taste in jewelry.

Arabic Fusion Back Hand Mehndi Design  

This design is basically a mixture of Arabic and traditional design. Since it is a mixture, it is considered a unique design that looks simply beautiful on the backhand. Here, traditional design covers almost half the hand and Arabic design covers palm and fingers.

Exquisite Back Hand Mehndi Design  

If you are searching for a traditional mehndi design, Exquisite mehndi design can be the ideal design for you. This is again a combination of Indian and modern mehndi design that makes it look elegant.

Mandala Style Back Hand Mehndi Design  

Women prefer to have mandala style mehndi designs for a long time. You can make this design simple or an elaborated one as per your preference.

Tabla, Dholki & Shehnai Back Hand Mehndi Design  

All the wedding instruments tabla, dolki & shehnai are depicted in the mehndi design with the symbol of love “taj mahal”. Backhand simple mehndi design with all these types of instruments gives a very catchy look.

Bridal Back Hand Mehndi Design  

One of the very important aspects in wedding or in marriage is back hand mehndi designs for the bride, for girls and for family. Mehndi designs for the bride or Dulhan are really very special and every bride wants her wedding mehndi to be amazing so that she will look beautiful.

Every bride has one dream that her wedding would be wonderful and in India mehndi (Henna) is one of the important events in a wedding. Especially brides are very conscious about her wedding Mehndi (Henna) and that’s what attracts people the most.

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Musical Instruments in Back Hand Mehndi Design  

Music is something that makes the mind feel, the brain feels pleasure and how these musical instruments are drawn on hands with mehndi to give a catchy look. These instruments include piano, guitar, drum and much more.

3d roses Back Hand Mehndi Design  

This mehndi design is so elegant that we simply can’t stop staring at it. This art mehndi is traditional and is inspired totally by Pakistani mehndi designs. The henna is done very stylishly with thick bold roses and is filled and combined with the thin lines to give it a prominent look. It gives a very attractive look and 3d roses are very trending these days.

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Quickly draw Back Hand Mehndi Design  

Mehndi is an art every woman is in love with. If it’s Eid or a wedding every girl wants to have a perfect Mehndi on her hands and feet. It’s an essential Part of womanhood.

One drawback which I have seen in mehndi is, it takes a long time to dry and in that process it can get really messed up sometimes. And believe me no one wants to have a messed up mehndi on an event. Because the beauty of mehndi lies in a perfect design.

When it comes to mehndi designs there are so many options over the internet but they could get really tricky when it comes to actually drawing them. It looks rather easy on the screen but when it comes to actually drawing it it seems like a never ending maze.


There are many options for a girl to choose from and even more options to gain inspiration from when it comes to choosing the best design for you. Wearing Back Hand Mehndi Design with different cuts and curves has now become a trend among all the young girls and women.

Women generally observe mehndi designs to their hands and feet, although some, along with patients, love to put mehndi at any cost. Mehndi Designs are something that keeps on evolving. Each design of mehndi plays a very important role in its achievements. Mehndi had never failed to add glam to your look every time.

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