Chetak lottery

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Chetak lottery game

While participating in the lottery game the player must be at least 18 years old. There is no doubt that playing the Indian lottery game has an instrumental role in generating revenue for the state. Every 15 minutes users have to play an Indian updates lottery game. There are 6 lottery game which are as follows:

1.   Sangam lottery

2.   Chetak lottery

3.   Super lottery

4.   MP lottery

5.   Bhagya rekha

6.   Diamond

When to check the Chetak lottery result?

The Chetak lottery result is declared at different times. The draw is regulated by the play India lotto games. The Chetak lottery begins at 9:00 am and ends at 9:00 pm. There are many draws that are conducted in the India Chetak lottery game, super deluxe and diamond. Players who participated in the game can check their results on and off.

Chetak lottery result

The Chetak lottery is announced by the Indian government buyers. They can check the chetak result winning numbers from the provided table. If anyone is one of the players to search for chetak results then stay connected to its official website. If anyone is searching for chetak results then users have the updated result for them. Those players who have purchased the Indian lottery ticket online then they can download the play India lottery result.

How to play the Chetak lottery?

Chetak lottery can be played by following the below steps:

1.   Crete the free account to play games

2.   Login with username and password

3.   Users can play Ander, Bahar and Jodi games from morning 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.

4.   The result of the game is opened I after every 15 minutes

5.   Ander and bahar ticket rates are 11 rupees and 100 rupees in the winning amount.

6.   Jodi ticket is 1.1 rupees and 100 rupees in win amount

7.   0 – 9 numbers and A B C D E F are the series in Ander and bahar games

8.   Select draw to play games

9.   In A B C D E F series Ander and bahar users have to bet on any one or more number to fill and submit

10.   To play Jodi games select submit 00 – 99 numbers that fill bet and submit.

11.   After draw time the computer is then open for drawing result automatically

12.   Result is matching

13.   Ander is the matching of the first number of result

14.   Bahar is matching with the second number of result

15.   Jodi is matching with the whole results

Chetak lottery winning formula

1.   Use the alphabetical order A=A. B-A + BA, C-B + CB, D-C = DC, E-D = ED, F-E = FE

2.   Pick 6 random numbers. So 1st number = A, 2nd number = B, 3rd number = C, 4th number = D, 5th number = E and 6th number = F.

3.   Replace all the alphabets with the number in the formula and then calculate

4.   After calculations the final 6 numbers are added with 3. This process is repeated 5 more times. You will be left with 36 more numbers.

5.   Make sure you pick numbers from 36 numbers every time you enter the lottery. This will help you increase your winning odds.

Legal to play Chetak lottery

It is legal to play this lottery game in India. 13 state governments have allowed all India lottery games. It is legal to play in India. Players can check the result and the cart on their official website. The winning numbers for the respective draw is updated on chetak result.

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