Bodhi ransom green and his life interesting facts

Bodhi ransom green full name and nickname both are Bodhi ransom green. He was born on 12 Feb 2014 and he is 8 years old today. He was born and currently lives in Los Angeles in the United States. His ethnicity is mixed such as English, German, Irish, North American, French and Scottish. He is Christian by religion and his nationality is American. He is unmarried and has no net worth, occupation and education yet as he is just a star kid today.

He has blue eyes with blond hair color. Bodhi ransom green is the son of actress Megan fox and actor Brian Austin green. He has 2 siblings, one sister named Noah Shannon green and one brother name journey river green.

Early life

Bodhi ransom green was born on the 12 of Feb 2014. He was raised with his 2 siblings in their own home town California. Since he was born he was known as the cutest star kid of H town.  He has gained a huge amount of popularity in the very few years since his birth. As time went on, he became more intelligent and good-looking. He is in his learning period and he is getting home-schooled with his siblings. He is learning a lot of interesting things as well.

His father Brian Austin is a famous producer, director and former rapper from America. His mother Megan fox is one of a famous American actress and transformer movie series. She has also played a female role too.

Bodhi ransom green career

As now you all know that Bodhi ransom green belongs to a celebrity family and he has huge popularity in town. He is one of the best, cutest, and most adorable celebrity kids. He is taking his basic education in his homeschooling and he is not currently doing anything with his life. He is a very friendly kid and he always helps his friends. He is also learning to play guitar along with his studies. According to his parent post, it can be seen that Bodhi ransom green has a very good interest in music. He loves musical instruments a lot. It can be assumed that Bodhi ransom green would be the composer and singer in the future. But today he is best known as the star kid.

Interesting facts about Bodhi ransom green

·         Bodhi ransom green belongs to the artist’s family

·         He belongs to the mixed ethnicity

·         Bodhi ransom green is the second child of his parents

·         He was born in 2014 when his elder brother was 12 years old

·         He and his brother have long gap between them

·         Bodhi ransom green’s mother started her acting career in 2001

·         Both of his parents started dating each other in 2004

·         Bodhi ransom green name meaning is enlightened

·         He doesn’t handle any of his personal social media accounts. His father is using his social media accounts and uploading stuff to it.

·         He has 3 siblings

·         Bodhi ransom green has one of the social icons

·         He was first introduced in public after The Ellen DeGeneres show.


Bodhi ransom green has become very popular and also has a popular name in the industry. His celebrity background also helps him to build a famous and popular image to the media. Bodhi ransom green is a famous celebrity of America and is famous for his cutest appearance and celebrity background.

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