How to Change a Brake Light (Beginner’s Guide)

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It is a big problem when brake light bulbs start to fail. Having someone check your brake lights is a good idea. Set a block or anything weighty on the brake pedal to cause the brake lights to turn on. 

This is the simplest way to check your brake lights without having a spare leg lying about. If your brake lights take time to turn on or get dimmer then there is a problem. All light bulbs deteriorate, and your car’s outside lights are no exception. 

Anyone may learn how to replace a broken brake light. Keep reading to know the step by step process!

Do Brake Lights Use Different Bulbs?

For the corners of brake lights, there are different bulbs. The location of the brake light and tail light is the same. Although the bulbs are different. The taillights and brake lights use separate bulbs. Many people get confused between the two, but it is crucial to determine which you want to replace first.

The vehicles have one tail light on each side beside the brake lights. This is to provide other drivers with a better view of the back of the vehicle. Thus, you must determine which brake light you are going to repair.

The process of replacing doesn’t take very long. Even though the job might get finished fast or even immediately. It is advisable to take your time and make sure that everything is in place.  

The brake light replacement can take up to 30 minutes (at least ten minutes for each brake light bulb).

Simple Ways to Change Brake Light Bulb

Step 1 – Find the faulty light.

The brake light is one of several lights that you will find under the focal point of each taillight.

You stand behind the car and examine the activity of the brake lights. Or have someone sit in the car and squeeze and release the brake pedal.

Determine which bulb, hidden beneath the taillight cover, is the worn-out brake light. There may be several lights beneath each focus, but there is only one brake light bulb. Finding the correct replacement bulb may be easier. You should know where to find the brake light bulb underneath the focus point.

Step – 2 Find the brake light bulb, and remove it.

The majority of contemporary cars allow access to all tail light bulbs from the storage area.

Look behind the focal point of the tail light with the failing bulb when you open the storage chamber. Each tail light bulb has cables and a plastic base that even you can see.

Find the brake light bulb using a flashlight. Pull the bulb holder and bulb as well into the storage compartment. You can do this counterclockwise by turning the brake light holder. Remove the broken light bulb from the holder.

Step 3: New Brake Light Bulb Security. 

Although you don’t have to bring the broken brake light bulb with you when you go shopping. Having it nearby helps you make sure you get the proper replacement bulb. Find the appropriate brake bulbs replacement for your vehicle’s make and model by going to a website supplier.

Visit a supplier of auto parts anyways, and bring your old bulb with you. Consider buying two bulbs and storing a spare in your glove box. The other brake light will soon fail if the first one has gone damage.

Step 4: Introduce the new bulb and test it.

Put the new lightbulb in the holder. Put the holder and bulb into the tail light assembly. Then tighten it by rotating the holder clockwise. Few things you can keep in mind for the brake lights to last long.

Make sure the tail light assembly’s bulb and holder are both in place. Have someone sit in charge and operate the brakes. You will have to gaze behind and observe light movement.

Things to remember so that the brake lights can last long

The typical course of action would be to get one of the brake light bulbs replaced. Change the other bulb alone if only one of them happened to be defective.

  1. To avoid having to replace the other bulb again in the future, which can happen sooner than expected. We propose changing/replacing both bulbs. 
  2. Make sure the bulb is in the socket. If the screw is not tightened then it may get damaged. Tighten the screw as required.
  3. There are a variety of brake light bulb brands and designs to choose from.
  4. Tighten it to stop moisture from entering the brake light bulb’s compartment.


Given how simple the process is, it is not advisable to keep the brake light bulbs that are damaged. A car with a broken brake light is unsafe and unroadworthy. It makes driving difficult especially while navigating busy streets. To buy reliable brake lights you can check SuncentAuto. They provide discounts on products and have an easy return policy.

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