7 Color Trends to Follow This Season

Compared to the subdued colors and heavy outerwear of the fall, spring brings more colorful and lively sartorial options. We usually prefer sticking to pastel color palette in spring after long cold months of black, navy, brown, and dark hues. However, the new collections and 2020 runways are inclined towards uplifting, brighter, and bolder hues. 

The runways have showcased a plethora of incredibly chic styles in tempting hues. Now that the weather seems to have cleared up and I have longer days to plan your wardrobe, I looked up Pakistani wedding dresses stores near me. I will help you with the basics – the trending colors of this transitional weather. 

From citrusy bright hues and fiery reds to classy chive and vivid saffron, tag along to shop the right hues with this guide of the season’s 7 biggest color trends. 

Top 7 Colors to Flaunt this spring

  1. Pale Yellow/ Sunlight.
  2. Flame Scarlet.
  3. Biscay Green and Mint Green.
  4. Golden Yellow/Saffron.
  5. Bright Orange and Burnt Orange.
  6. White.
  7. Chive.

Pale Yellow/ Sunlight

There are always some people who can’t quit pastels. If you are one of those people, try the citrus spectrum’s lighter colors this time. Many brands have created breathable and breezy silhouettes in pale yellow. From oversized blouses to slips, you will find a lot of sunlight on the runways. 

If you don’t feel like wearing bright rainbow colors, pale yellow and cream are your best picks. Rock a longline pale yellow coat over jeans and chic booties. 

Flame Scarlet

For all those who love to try bold and energetic hues, flame scarlet is an exciting color. Fiery red exudes confidence and glamor. You can make a major sartorial statement by rocking a red dress. You don’t need to stick to the same old color palette. Perk up your wardrobe with deep reds, fiery red, or a scarlet outfit. 

Biscay Green and Mint Green

We witnessed lime green and pistachio hues dominate last spring. We even witnessed trending neon green last year. This year, it is more about refreshing and cool aqua shades. This is perhaps the most unexpected color that you would see on our list. Take inspiration from celebs like Gigi Hadid, flaunting a street style suit in Biscay green. 

Since mint green isn’t very bright, the cool tone catches the eye. You can also rock a midi dress in the said shade and club it with strappy sandals. You can also combine it with a shade of pink to create a pretty summertime look. Make sure you add this refreshing shade of green to your spring wardrobe. You can pair them with classic pastels of your choice and even go for a head-to-toe dress. 

Golden Yellow/Saffron

We can never get enough of the shades of yellow! Golden yellow has been declared the color of the spring! This rich hue is catchy, classy, and beautiful. The vivid shade of saffron and orangey-yellow will add a bold touch to your wardrobe. Add this color to give a cheery welcome to the warm weather. 

Golden yellow is a symbol of optimism, elegance, and class. Try head-to-toe or midi dresses to suit your style in this amazing color. 

Bright Orange and Burnt Orange

Give your wardrobe a quick boost by investing in a statement piece in bright orange or burnt orange hues. Take inspiration from the runway looks where models have rocked statement dresses and even trousers in the said hues. You can also flaunt a print or a patterned dress in the same color along with other cheerful shades for a more subtle look. 

Brands like Valentino and Richard Malone have experimented with the darker shades of orange in their runway moments. As you transition from your cold-weather pieces to breezy summer attires, adding this color to your wardrobe will be like a breath of fresh air. These shades are essential bright and cheery colors of spring. 


White is classy and timeless. And it is relevant to every season. But for spring and summer, white gives a cool, breezy, and graceful touch to your wardrobe. Runways are replete with elegant, head-to-toe blanc looks in varied shades and textures. From bright whites to subtle oyster mushrooms, add some elegant white attire to your wardrobe. You can never go wrong with neutral hues in any fabric from lace to satin. 


Another unexpected shade of green! This dark and herbaceous shade looks, classy, subtle, and elegant. This color can make you stand out from the crowd with a long list of color combos. Chive looks particularly amazing when clubbed with saffron. I browsed Pakistani mehndi dresses and I was impressed by how they have used the said color in various cuts and styles. To add a twist, go for the chive color in luxury leather. You are going to fall in love with it!

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