What space movie came out in 1992?

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Space movie came out in 1992

The space movie that came out in 1992 was gayniggers from outer space. It was a short science fiction comedy film that was directed by Danish artist master fat man and it was produced by Dino Raymond Hansen. It is actually a Blaxploitation film and it is part of the exploitation film that emerged in the United States during the 1970s on Wikipedia. This movie exists and it is one of the best movies. If anyone is really interested in watching this movie then must watch it. It’s only 26 minutes long and it is very enjoyable.

 It consists of science fiction, Blaxploitation, and even homosexuality and racism. This movie is UN ironically a very comedy film of its time. It is very touching and heartwarming and it gives hope for the human race. This short film is racist, and it is mainly for Germans, stereotyping Asians and pretty much any race they encounter.

Plotting of the gayniggers from outer space

The plot of this space movie gayniggers from outer space is very funny. A group of aliens and a group of black men seems to the homosexual they travel to earth from their home planet. They discover that there are women on earth and it is not ok with them. They decided to liberate men on earth from females. They use things that we call ray guns to eliminate females from the earth’s planet. One of them stays on earth as the gay ambassador to tech-earthy things about their new way of life.

How did the audience receive the film?

Gayniggers from outer space film was categorized as a gay movie. Many nerdy boys like the film as they like the Blaxploitation concept. This film was then used as a campaign by the trolling group on the internet as the gay nigger associations of the USA in 2000. Today many Reddit users question whether the film is a parody or it is homophobic film. From the year 2020 many people started to discuss all aspects of the film. Many jokers were also being spread on social media about this film. There were countless memes about the film. The Joe Rogan co-host tweeted not to Google space movie 1992. By doing this he joined the frenzy of space movies in 1992.

Gayniggers from outer space under scrutiny

Many people are amused by the film jokes. There are many negative comments about the film. Many people think that this film is making fun of gay people. There are also many bad things said about the women in the film and the extraterrestrials people are shown as black men. In the same way, many topics of the films are discussed on social media as well.  

This is the reason it has got the attention of many people. Many people ask others to search for what space movie came out in 1992 in Google. Then they will see the result and watch the film. After watching this film people feel that the film is racist. Firstly the joke was started on Reddit but then it spread across social media and it became an autofill suggestion on Google. The film’s intention is so doubtful and it proves that it is not a parody of films but this film has made fun of many things. A user can find many racial and homosexual jokes in this.

How many pranksters are using this film to throw racist and homosexual jokes at different people? Many twitter people are raising the film that knows well about this. Some people are spreading abuses about space movies since 1992.


Gayniggers from outer space is a film that did not affect many people since it was released in 1992. But today it has become trending and part of the discussion among many people. It has left a lot of thoughts on homophobia and racism. There are many applications available where users can watch this movie easily.

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