Conventional listing through an agent is probably not the greatest option if you need to sell a house quickly. Bring your home to Tulsa House Buyer if you’d rather not wait for buyers to find it. Because we buy homes in any condition and price range. Our home-buying teams buy homes in cash. We are focused on providing you with the greatest home-buying experience we can, and our procedure is simple. This even applies to homes that need significant renovations or were in terrible condition.

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Real estate agents are incomparable for the majority of people selling their homes through conventional means. They can guide you through the procedure and, in most situations, will assist you in obtaining the greatest possible price for your house; they even assist with negotiations.

Nevertheless, they are helpless!

They are unable to produce deals out of thin air, not even with an effective marketing effort. If you want to sell your Tulsa property quickly, that method is not ideal. When you learn that you must spend thousands of dollars out of pocket to improve your home before you can sell it, it is undoubtedly not ideal.

Due to this, Tulsa House Buyer are attracted towards us from across Tulsa. It is the quickest method for getting quick cash for your home.


Now you can quickly sell your home for cash regardless of its condition to us. This includes homes that had storm damage, fire and smoke damage, homes that needed expensive repairs and improvements, and even homes that weren’t up to code and couldn’t be offered or sold in the typical ways.

Consider this question for a second if you’re still on the fence and thinking about a conventional listing:

Do you intend to do large repairs yourself before listing the home, or will you offer the buyer a sizable repair credit instead?

If you pay a contractor to do repairs and modifications, does your schedule allow for the possibility that it could take them several weeks or even months to finish everything?

Have the costs of paying the mortgage, bills, maintenance, and other expenses during the time you’re waiting for offers on your home been included in your budget?

Should your home not sell, what will you do?


If your home is in excellent shape and you have the cash to wait for the right buyer, listing with an agent is a terrific idea. Beautiful homes are selling quickly in Tulsa’s booming housing market. But we can assist you in avoiding the headaches of a conventional transaction. In a traditional sale, you would have to deal with inspection concerns, dozens of people coming through your home for a public show, and potential purchasers who’s financing might fall through. All of this can lengthen the procedure and create stress. The real amount you receive is usually never what you are selling for once the agent’s commission and any items the buyer is asking you to fix are taken into consideration.


So, is there a way to avoid the unpredictability and time commitment of a conventional property sale? Yes, there is! Directly sell to the best Tulsa House Buyers. For a reasonable cash price, we buy homes directly from Tulsa residents. Sell your house quickly and without having to pay an agent’s commission.

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