A Deep Insight into the life of Zendaya’s Mom-Claire Stoermer


Claire Stoermer is a great professional American woman. She has four daughters and two sons. Claire is famous for her daughter Zendaya Maree Stoermer, a great American actress, producer, and singer. Looking at the background, she has family roots in Scotland, Germany, Ireland, and England. Claire Stoermer was a good teacher at California’s Fruit Ville Elementary School in Oakland. Additionally, she effectively directed housekeeping at the California Shakespeare Theater in Orinda.

The professional life of Claire Stoermer is impressive because many topics about her personal and professional life popped up. She is also famous due to the popularity of Zendaya Coleman Stoermer, a vocalist, leading diva, and moviemaker of the Hollywood industry.

Claire Stoermer is now managing jewelry Kizzmet, a jewelry brand, and her daughter is contributing to the advertisement of jewelry accessories.

Claire Stoermer -Zendaya’s Mom

Zendaya is a Hollywood actress, dancer, and singer. She is famous for her shows, has a high rank in the United States of America, and is a great celebrity. Zendaya got involved in her school life in the play theater. Claire Stoermer has a great bond and support with her daughter.

Personal Information About Stoermer

Claire Marie Stoermer is her full name, and she is well known basically due to her teaching profession and being a producer manager in theater. She was born in Oakland -California, United States of America. Now she is 59 years old. She is Christian and the graduation qualified. Her hobbies are teaching and singing.

Physical appearance

Claire Marie Stoermer is a gorgeous lady with having round body type and blue eyes. Her skin tone is fair, and she rarely gets cosmetics and makeup. And her hair type is blonde.

Married Life 

Ajamu Coleman was the husband of Claire Stoermer, but now this relationship is no more. She married him in 2008 and got divorced in 1916. Due to the ideological difference, there were disputes, and they finally got apart. Many hot matters came on social media, and her daughter Zendaya had to face them, but now Claire is satisfied with her single status.


She completed her high school degree from a school in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, at Oakland. In 1987 Claire went to Santa Clara University in Santa Clara for a college diploma in California, United States of America.

Professional Life

As discussed, Claire Stoermer was a home staff member at California Shakespeare Theater in Orinda, California, United States of America. She was an active member and teacher at an elementary school in Oakland. At the theater, her daughter Zendaya was practicing and presumed in the workplace. Now Zendaya is a famous actress and singer plus filmmaker in Hollywood; the intention and motive for it are Claire Stoermer. Now she is handling a jewelry workplace and her daughter Zendaya is the advertiser for this jewelry brand.

In final words, Claire Stoermer is the mother of a famous Hollywood singer, actress, and model -Zendaya. Besides this, Claire Stoermer is an active woman with proper support to raise her daughter’s career. Now she is living single-status life. Claire cares for and gives her best to a jewelry brand with her daughter. According to a report, she is living off of 500,000$ net worth. She is a happy and cherished woman of six children; seeming this is more virtuous than popularity.

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