Your Samsung Won’t Charge? Fix It With Samsung Repair Center Boise

Smartphones are electronic devices we depend on so much. From personal to professional work, our cell phones have our backs. Being electronic gadgets, mobiles face many issues, and one of the biggest issues with them, whether it is iPhone or Android, is the charging issue. At the end of your long day, when you come back home from the office or university, you find your smartphone’s battery draining. You must prepare yourself and your phone for the next day, so you decide to plug your phone in to charge, but nothing happens. This is one of the most frustrating feelings because we cannot imagine our lives without smartphones. Cell phone issues are difficult to identify as some of them are challenging. It might be possible that your smartphone is not charging at all, or it is charging slowly, or the power is so slow that despite gaining some battery, your phone loses some in the process. It can also be possible that there is nothing wrong with your phone, and the issue exists in your charger, cable, or power socket. If you are facing any of these solutions, Four Corners Repair Centers, a Samsung Repair Center Boise, is a one-stop-shop solution to get the issue fixed by experts. Let’s see why phones are not charging and how it can be solved. 

Charging Port Issue

The charging port issue is one of the biggest reasons your phone is not charging. There are chances that the charging port of your mobile is obstructed or distorted. Before checking the charging port, it is necessary to check and see if the charger and cable are working fine. Cable usually wears and tears due to enduring lots of folding, wrapping, re-wrapping, and flexing. Cables are delicate, so they must be used carefully. Wall adapters and chargers must be genuine. Sometimes when you use fake chargers and adaptors with your phone, your phone battery is damaged and stops charging. If your charger is genuine but not working, try to plug your phone into a different charger. If your phone is charging, it means there is a problem with your charger, and you need to change it. If your phone is still not charging, it means there is a problem with your charging port, which needs to be repaired or replaced by a cell phone repair store in Boise. It is also possible that it needs cleaning. Sometimes due to stuck dust and debris, the port needs cleaning. You can use a toothpick and lint-free cloth to clean the port gently. 

Software Crash

The charging problem is not a hardware issue but a software one. You need software in your phone to detect if your phone is charging. If your software crashes, your phone doesn’t charge. It is recommended to reset your software to exclude the issue. You must also clear out all the applications and data from your phone’s RAM apart from the saved data. Reboot also prevents the apps from unnecessarily running in the background, which can cause a lot of stress and strain on your battery. 

Third-Party Apps Software Update

People have a habit of downloading many apps on their phones. Many of them are unwanted and unused, which occupy lots of space. These apps stop the device’s ability to charge correctly. The older models of Android face this difficulty more, and if you try to update the latest operating system, it might result in a slow charge. 

Using A Phone While It is on Charge

Many people have a habit of using their smartphones while charging. You must remember that using any app while your phone is on a charge will still consume some percentage of your battery and put a lot of strain on it. Due to the extreme load on your battery, your phone starts to charge slowly. Sometimes, when you use an app while your phone is on a charge, your battery loses power instead of gaining it. One advice cell phone mechanics Boise gives is that you mustn’t use your phone, play games, or watch videos while your phone is on charge or if it has low battery mode. You must let your phone charge fully and then use it to avoid these issues. Be careful with the charging routine of your phone. It is advisable that you must not use your phone if it goes below 20%. Keep the battery charged between 20%-80%. Overcharging your battery can also damage it. If you are still facing issues with your battery, you must get it checked by professionals and let them fix the problem. 


A faulty battery may bring many risks if it faces certain inconveniences, including the risk of exploding or blowing up during its use. Another thing suggested by the cell phone repair center is don’t charge your phone overnight. Your device can overheat and damage your battery. Follow the tips mentioned above to prevent your phone from facing damage. 

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