What Are The Top Restaurants in Lahore to Try Grilled Fish? 

It’s fish season! December is here and are you craving fish? People from all over Pakistan come to Lahore to enjoy the best grilled fish in Lahore. Why would someone not like fish? Especially when nearly all the restaurants in Lahore are offering various types of fish including grilled fish. This meat group has become the staple of Pakistanis in winter. You will see from kids to adults to old-aged people enjoying fish and demanding it nearly every day. Not only does it provide complete meat but is also healthy for us. Grilling fish can be a tedious task. Why there is a need to cook when you can find scrumptious and tangy grilled fish at most restaurants in Lahore? I hope that you are a die-hard fan of grilled fish just like I am. So here am I. I have picked out some of the best restaurants in Lahore that are renowned for their variety of dishes including grilled fish. Let’s begin. 

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Bamboo Union

On a cold winter day, who would not love to indulge in the best grilled fish in Lahore from Bamboo Union? When it comes to seafood, this restaurant is worth every penny. It is a Pan Asian restaurant that serves delicious grilled fish ever. It has been rated as the finest restaurant in terms of its other seafood varieties. The fish you find at this restaurant is grilled to perfection with sautéed vegetables and a choice of sticky rice or egg rice. You can also add chowmein or garlic rice to further boost the taste. It is a complete meal that will beat your hunger. Overall, I love the grilled fish offered by Bamboo Union. 


Howdy is an exotic cowboy themed restaurant. I love how its interior goes well with all its dishes. The waiters are dressed as cowboys and depict a fun ambience. And when it comes to their food, their dishes are to die for. Howdy is among the restaurants that are serving the best grilled fish. Their fish is grilled in melted butter and comes along with rich tomato sauce, handpicked vegetables, and Korean rice. Their irresistibly good grilled fish is available at an affordable price. Also, do take your camera with as you can get the opportunity to dress as a cowboy and capture some amazing moments. 

Gourmet Grill

Gourmet began its operations as a bakery but now has developed into a food chain with various outlets in Lahore. This top-quality restaurant is providing highly delicious seafood. With an up-to-the-mark presentation, the taste of their grilled fish is superb. I love how the mild spices together give a rich flavour to the fish served alongside tomato sauce. While many restaurants have high prices for seafood, the grilled fish served at Gourmet Grill is greatly affordable by all. Now in winter, everyone can fulfil their cravings for grilled fish by ordering it from Gourmet Grill. 

Nadeem Tikka

If you are a foodie, then you must try out Nadeem Tikka. This restaurant is in Gulberg and provides a huge range of food items on its menu. The A La Carte menu not only provides scrumptious desi food but also the seafood especially grilled fish will satiate you. For those who have been waiting for winter to try the best grilled fish, they must pay a visit to this incredible restaurant. The chefs at Nadeem Tikka hold unique expertise for grilling the fish to perfection. I am sure that their taste will make you crave more. 

Sardar Machli House

Sardar Machli House is not a famous eatery but the people living in Sadar or Dharampura know the exquisite taste of their fish. The cooks at this restaurant are experts in marinating the fish and grilling it finely. The only thing that lacks is that they do not own a proper sitting arrangement. So, if you are thinking to take your family it is better to do a takeaway. But one thing I assure is that they do not concede on the taste and quality of the grilled fish. Since it is a local eatery, you can get the best grilled fish at a fair price. 


Waiting the whole year for winter to try out the best grilled fish in Lahore? Well, all the restaurants are known for their highly palatable fish. But choosing one can be a complicated task. My recommendation is for Bamboo Union for trying the tasty grilled fish in Lahore in an exotic ambience. The restaurant excels in grilled fish and serves it at an affordable price. So, plan that long-awaited hang out with friends and enjoy the flavorful grilled fish at Bamboo Union. 

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