What are Antmovies?

Antmovies is one of the latest websites for watching Tv shows and films. It gives the chance to watch free films on the website and also download them for free. It is the website based motion based pictures that gives the users a good scope of Tv shows and films so that they access for nothing.

Bye bye to the days when users really wanted to buy DVDs or CDs to watch their favorite films. With the filming sites like Antmovies TV then you can watch movies and then download them on your devices.

How to have access to Antmovies?

Antmovies is another website for watching free films. Except for Tv series and films this Antmovies website offers their users with the latest episodes and films. Something exciting with this website is that it doesn’t need any membership and not even users have to enroll. This website doesn’t need any login components and it is also very easy to explore this web. Explore the films you need to watch and watch it for nothing. On this website users can also watch new and old pictures for free.

Genres available on Antmovies

The series and the pictures on the Antmovies are divided into many types. As soon as you visit this site you will see that the genres that are included in it are placed at the top. With this feature users can easily find their desired series or film. Users can also download and watch picture in the following genre:

  • Action
  • Experience
  • Narrative
  • Show
  • Satire
  • Wrongdoing
  • Dream
  • Family
  • War
  • Secret
  • Melodic
  • History
  • Drama
  • Thrill ride
  • Television show
  • Sports
  • Science fiction
  • Sentiments
  • Unscripted television

Users can download their pictures from any of the classes. This website has a very strong facility and large number of motions and also users can download them without paying any penny.

Steps to download movies from Antmovies

  • Everybody wants to know how to download files from this website. Here is the step by step guide on how to install movies from Antmovies.
  • Immediately off your internet browsing and then visit Antmovies website
  • As soon as you are ready to get the website then search for the film you want to see and select the pictures from the Antmovies library.As the film is selected then move to the other page. Under the film you can download the desire film and tap on any of the film of your choice
  • Explore more on that page and see free downloading films you want to download. Click on it and the film is ready to download.
  • The downloading system is very simple and it is done a couple of times. There are no restrictions to the number of films you have to download. You just need to have solid associations.


  • No membership expenses are required
  • It offers movies with motion pictures and series and films
  • It gives its users many kinds of motion pictures from a few areas
  • This website serves its users with good administrations
  • It gets downloaded into your mobile or PC directly.
  • It contains a storage facility with a huge number of motion pictures.

Antmovies picture quality

It provides almost every kind of picture quality. Different quality pictures are available for the single movie. Below are the Antmovies picture quality that is offered by it:

  • 420 p movies
  • 720 p movies
  • 1080 p movies
  • 300 MB movies
  • 500 MB movies
  • 700 MB movies
  • 900 MB movies
  • 1 GB movies
  • 1.5 GB movies
  • 2 GB movies

Safe to download

Antmovies is one of the private websites. They don’t have the permanent URL for its clients and the URL keeps on updated with time because of its privacy. The privacy issue is concerned with the website. This may bring issues in the software and it is not at all safe to download movies from this website. It actually threatens and brings problems to the safety of personal data.

Illegal website

Using Antmovies is illegal as per law that is announced by the Indian government. Not only this website but getting into any private activity on the internet is not allowed. Using this website includes getting into privacy. We tell you to avoid the website online and use the legal websites to download and use anything.

Antmovies fans

There are millions of Antmovies fans and it is increasing every month. It is the first one who steals the films from the websites so that users can watch it first and also download the movies first. It leaks Hollywood and Bollywood films as well and provides it to their fans. Many people know about this and its number of users is very high. The good part is that no information is asked before downloading any web series and movies from this website. Users can download the film without any difficulties.  

Web series available on Antmovies

There are many web series that are on Antmovies and it can be watched in both Urdu and in English language. On this website you will be getting a series in many languages that are very popular. The web series that are available on Antmovies are listed below:

  • Money heist (Season 1 – Season 4)
  • Siren (Season 1 – Season 3)
  • Amazon prime truth seeker (Season 1)
  • Attack on Titan (Season 1 – Season 4)
  • Baby (Season 1 – Season 3)
  • The last ship (Season 1 – Season 2)
  • Alien worlds (Season 1)
  • Travelers (Season 1 – Season 3)
  • Black sails (Season 1 – Season 4)
  • Gotham (Season 1 – Season 5)
  • The rain (Season 1 – Season 3)
  • Fargo (Season 1 – Season 4)
  • Riverdale (Season 1 – Season 5)
  • American Gods (Season 1 – Season 3)


Antmovies is the website that helps in downloading and streaming the pictures with no trouble and pressure. The main aim of this site is to satisfy the users and the clients. It doesn’t require any membership and it also gives very less admittance to old and new moving pictures without going through any process. Antmovies is not a legal website but users can use it all the time to download films through VPN.

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