Step-by-step guide for selling your house for cash

As many companies today are offering many cash offers for homes and this is improving their experience for sellers. You don’t have to wait for months for listings and ask to sell your house to many stressed-out sellers.

Speed and convenience should be on your list if you want to sell your house for cash. Selling your house is the best solution when life is throwing you a curve ball then it definitely requires a sale.

Why sell houses for cash?

There are many things and reasons for contacting cash home buyers to sell houses for cash. Below are some advantages that may be important for you.

·        Fast home offers

The biggest advantage is that you will be getting an instant cash offer. You can even find out how much cash you can get for your home once. Some will be provided with rapid offers. Some will be speaking on the phone and want to inspect the property before they make an offer.

·        Fast home sales

The main thing everyone wants in selling a home is speed. It is a very idea that you are selling an old house and making new life plans. All cash buyers can close sailing in a few days and provide them with insurance, title work, and inspections. In this way, closing agents can help in accommodating the closing.

Many buyers today include Zillow offers and their goal is to flip your house for profit. According to their website, they may sell many of the homes for a profit without any upgrades or repairs being done. Sometimes they simply assign the contract to other buyers. The average recorded profit on the house flip is $60,000 which is 39%. This is the money that you are losing on the house.

·        No home staging and repairs

These buyers won’t be requesting any repairs. This is the biggest advantage for many homeowners who are selling houses. They are tight on money and are not able to do any repairs. This will not be giving you any extra credit for making the home prettier.

Although they are planning to do the repairs on their own and even their ideas are different from yours. This will help the sellers save from spending money on the property they are trying to sell.

·        Able to sell urgent and in difficult circumstances

I Buyer is one of the wide real estate companies and it will buy houses for cash. They use an algorithm and determine your house value and then give you an offer. They will also repair your house and then sell your home at a profit.

This is the best option if you want to sell your house urgently. Many of investors can even buy your home in challenging situations such as a house with flaws, storm damage, or burn-out homes, a house that requires repairs, a home with past fees and taxes, and a property with illegal or code violations.

Should you sell the house for cash?

Before knowing that selling a house for cash is the best option you could see its cons as well.

·        Less offer

The buyers will buy a house quickly on low offers and then resell that property on a quick profit. Sometimes they will invest in the model and then remarket them. On the other hand, they can even renovate your home and then rent it out.

·        Sale is not guaranteed

There is no guarantee of the sale until the deal is signed and you have cash in your hands. Some of the advertisers will only show you the money to close the deal. Other buyers will only make your property contract signed and then they won’t be able to find anyone who will apply for it. They just let the contract expire, wasting your time.

·        Deduct repairs

These buyers will not make any repairs or clean your home. They will deduct the repair cost from your original cost. If you are selling your home for around $30,000 then they will definitely deduct money from that original offer for the repairs. The deduction maybe 25% or less.

Step-by-step guide for selling your house for cash

Below is the step-by-step guide that will help you in selling your home for cash. This also helps you make the right decision while selling your home.

1.   Firstly check the value of your home. You should know the value of your house before you go to any agency.

2.   Find a cash buyer and then request an offer. You know your home’s worth. Now search for a qualified buyer. Some of the cash home buyers are franchisors, buyers, house flippers, trade-in companies, etc.

3.   Evaluating the offer of cash may be tricky. Evaluate the price and then term the offer. Keep in mind your home condition and then evaluate the offer.

4.   Compare the offer to the agent which will help you know whether the offer is worth it or not. This will give you confidence as well.

5.   If you are happy with the offer then sign the contract otherwise find another buyer. Before signing the contract read the contract thoroughly. That should include the purchase price, deposit amount, any additional fees, and closing date.

6.   They pass the home inspection after you sign the contract.

7.   Lastly after all is done review everything again and then sign the closing document and you are done.


If you want to sell your house quickly then a cash deal is an ideal idea. Many of investors can even buy your home in challenging situations such as a house with flaws, storm damage or burnout homes, a house that requires repairs, a home with past fees and taxes and a property with illegal or code violations.

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