PointClickCare Review

If you’re interested in improving the efficiency of your healthcare practice, you may want to consider using PointClickCare. This software features clinical, billing, and administrative modules. It also provides real-time care coordination tools and a CRM module. Here are some reasons why this software may be the right solution for your needs.

PointClickCare provides clinical, billing and administrative modules

PointClickCare is an integrated solution that offers clinical, billing, and administrative modules for healthcare facilities. It helps manage patient data and workflow, track marketing efforts, and monitor occupancy rates. In addition, its CRM tools and pre-admission eligibility checks enable practices to optimize the patient experience. The platform also offers point of care applications for touch-screen devices that include nutrition and medication management, as well as a HIPAA-compliant text messaging platform.

PointClickCare has a cloud-based user interface, enabling practices to manage revenue cycles, manage point-of-care documentation, and simplify administrative processes. The solution helps providers optimize workflow and improve the quality of care while reducing regulatory burdens. More than 15,000 senior care providers worldwide use PointClickCare’s solution to streamline operations and increase revenue.

It supports pre-admission eligibility checks

PointClickCare is an integrated software solution that combines clinical and administrative modules. It allows users to streamline their workflow and prioritize patient care. It also features a user-friendly dashboard, real-time task list, and notifications. It can help healthcare providers track patient health records and manage pre-admission eligibility checks. The software also provides tools for nutrition management, skin care, and wound care. It can even help improve reimbursement accuracy.

PointClickCare supports pre-admission eligibility checks, which is crucial for skilled nursing facilities. With this tool, skilled nursing providers can verify patient coverage prior to admission and periodically thereafter, minimizing the risk of non-payment. The system also enables providers to streamline claims processing and optimize revenue cycle management.

It provides real-time care coordination tools

PointClickCare is a cloud-based platform that offers a variety of care coordination tools. These tools provide healthcare providers with a streamlined and integrated experience. The platform includes modules for medication management, nutrition, quality, and regulatory compliance. It also helps improve reimbursement accuracy and reduces duplicate entries. Additionally, it includes CRM and marketing capabilities. Its mission is to improve the quality of care provided to patients.

As a cloud-based healthcare software company, PointClickCare is growing rapidly. Its electronic health record software is used by 70% of skilled nursing facilities in the U.S. It recently acquired Audacious Inquiry, which will extend its reach. The shift toward value-based care has created a market need for these collaboration tools.

It has a CRM module

PointClickCare’s CRM module helps care teams prioritize patient care. It features a user-friendly dashboard, real-time task list, and notification features. It allows users to handle critical care concerns, including medication management. In addition, it consolidates Point of Care services such as nutrition management, wound care, and skin care.

PointClickCare also includes a pre-built resident assessment and document activity. It has an integration with assisted living facilities that allows users to track refills, changes, and more. It also offers marketing and sales support.

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