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 With its stunning views of the Garhwal Himalayan peaks, including Nanda Devi, Chaukhamba, and Hati- Ghori to mention a many, and its stunning height of,010 bases, the Pangarchulla peak journey rise is one of the top journeys for both neophyte and endured trampers. The trail is first covered in jewels, but as it climbs, it opens up to a gorgeous scene of lush meadows, towering mountains, and small municipalities with rustic structures. Its snow- covered pitches and varied foliage and fauna give the Lord Curzon circuit of touring routes redundant charm under its alternate name of the Chimney peak. 

The Pangarchulla journey is trails take the same routes

 The Pangarchulla Peak touring Trails follow the same passage routes that have been travelled by addicts on their spiritual trip from Haridwar to Joshimath. The Pangarchulla hike is accessible all time round, but the experience is 10 times better when the girding mountains and terrain are blanketed in snow. The scenery is equally stunning in the summer.. It’s veritably witching

 due to the large tract of green terrain that’s scattered with springtime unfolding tinges. The trail is lined with oak, blue pine, and bhojpatra trees, which offer retreat to a variety of species, including black deer and Himalayan tahr, which you may be lucky enough to see. 

The Pangarchulla journey is classified as being of moderate difficulty, so while it provides the rush of adrenaline that numerous adventure campaigners seek, it also gets delicate to keep up with the demanding nature of the journey. Those who are stalwart and determined, still, will be awarded with a sense of triumph when they reach the peak. 

 Any trip’s conclusion, when you discover all your struggles paid off with fruit that wasn’t only sweet but also worthwhile, is really its most thrilling moment. Reaching the peak, however, is so satisfying because of the trail and how it feels to tromp along it. From the city of Dhak, the Pangarchulla Peak journey begins. The tranquilly you observe among the aqueducts and lodges with slanting roofs .

hiking trail to Pangarchulla Peak

 The further ground you cut on the hiking trail to Pangarchulla Peak, the further signs of green tents with golden oak trees and blue pines will be seen. You’ll compactly lose sight of the mountains as you make your way further into the timber. Rhododendrons were in flower in the spring and summer, and a thick subcaste of snow would cover the ground like a carpet in the downtime. You can mount your flag on the peak of Pangarchulla during the downtime if you love snow and can endure the chilly breath, but if you prefer to simply take in the tranquilly that nature offers, it isn’t necessary. 

 You must have plenitude of water with you when you follow the Lord Curzon road through the meadows that serve as a doorway to Pangarchulla since the advanced you climb, the further meager your inventories are. But once you get to the crest with Chaukhamba massif gracing it, all of your prostration will go in an moment. From then, the Pangarchulla main peak will draw nearer, and whether you choose to continue depends on you. 

 The cutter crest starts a many hundred metres further down the path if you keep going. It’s essential to get to the peak as soon as possible in the morning because as the sun rises, the snow starts to melt, making the pitch dangerously dangerous. 

  Pangarchulla Peak Trek

 The Pangarchulla Peak Trek is one of the stylish downtime treks you must take since it truly captures the beauty of the magnific Himalayas. You get to see a variety of peaks, go through timbers and meadows, come across Himalayan water aqueducts, and get to know the foliage and fauna that call the Himalayas home. One advantage of performing this trip is that, if you have enough time, you can do it while also visiting the Himalayan ski resort of Auli and the Kuari Pass. 

 In a word, the Pangarchulla walk is among the top journeys in the Himalayan region and one of the lower- known journeys in India. 


 Rain cover needed for minimal 55- liter pack 

 elect a sturdy pack with strips that are soft on your shoulders, a comfortable fit, and a solid character. A excellent touring pack can be set up at your neighbourhood Decathlon. 

 Day pack( 20 – 30 Ltrs) 

 You just need to take a many rudiments when hiking to the peak, therefore you will need a lower daypack since you will be leaving your larger one at the hutment. 

Floaters or Sandals 

 While the entire walk calls for high-quality footwear, you still need to allow your bases to breathe to help chafing and pocks. Good sandals and floaters will allow you to move fluently around the camp if you have them. 

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