Lakeisha Mims – Yo Gotti’s Ex-Wife

Lakeisha Mims is Yo Gotti’s ex-wife. Her husband was a rap star and the mother of three. Neither of them has revealed how they met or when they first started dating each other, but they married on May 17, 1989. They have two children together, a son named Anthony and a daughter named Ariane. Both of them are black. The following information is based on what we know about Lakeisha Mims.

Lakeisha Mims is Yo Gotti’s ex-wife

Yo Gotti’s ex-wife, Lakeisha Mims, has publicly declared her love for the rapper. The two met and began dating in 1989. The couple married on May 17, 1989, and have two children together. Although it is unclear whether the couple is still together, they did have a happy marriage. Despite their rocky start, they’ve managed to get along well. Lakeisha is a proud mom to two children who are both still unnamed.

In addition to his children with Lakeisha, Yo Gotti has six children with Jammie Moses. Yo Gotti is a protective father and often spoils his children. In 2016, he bought his daughter Kayla a Benz for her 16th birthday, and he also posted pictures of his younger daughter Mariah Mims on his Instagram account. There are rumors that the two women are still married.

She gave birth to three children

Lakeisha Mims is the ex-wife of rapper Yo Gotti. She is an American national and belongs to the African-American ethnicity. Although her exact birth date and parents’ names are not known, it is believed that she went to school up to high school. The couple is now separated, but there are no rumors about the custody of their three kids. The couple married in the late 1990s, and their children were born around the same time.

Yo Gotti is an American rapper and record producer. He was born in the late eighties in Memphis, Tennessee. His first studio album, “Youngsta’s on a Come Up,” was released in 1996. Yo Gotti and Lakeisha began dating in the early nineties and eventually married in 1999. They welcomed three children and separated a few years later. Yo Gotti is still a successful artist, gaining fame with his hit songs and rap videos.

She has a low profile on social media

According to sources, Lakeisha Mims has no active social media profiles. She is married to Yo Gotti, a successful rapper and record producer. The couple married in 1999 and welcomed three children. However, the couple divorced after a few years. It is unknown whether Lakeisha Mims has a low net worth. She has not revealed her profession or where she works.

Yoo Gotti is a rapper and singer who released his debut album Youngsta’s On a Come Up in 1996. The couple has three children together. After their divorce, Yoo Gotti began dating Yaya Sandoval. Lakeisha Mims is a beautiful young lady with curly black hair and dark eyes. However, she does not openly talk about her personal life, so it is hard to learn about her age or background.

She has black hair

The ex-wife of Yoo Gotti, a famous rapper and record label owner, has black hair and beautiful, curly black eyes. She is pretty and keeps a low-key profile. She does not seem to be active on social media platforms, and has kept her accounts private. However, she is a mother of two children. Here’s what you should know about Lakeisha Mims’ hair and eyes.

Lakeisha Mims is the ex-wife of Yo Gotti, an American rapper and producer. Yo Gotti has released albums in the Trap Gangsta hip-hop genre, including Block Burning and Da Dope Game 2 Da Rap Game. He was originally signed to the Inevitable Entertainment label, but later signed to the TVT record label. Yo Gotti’s fourth studio album, ‘Sexy Girl,’ was released in 2015.

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