How to Resolve Fast Battery Draining: Help from a Phone Repair Shop

Smartphones are getting quicker all the time, and every update brings a tonne of brand-new features that claim to make your life easier. Yet, you can become frustrated because this technology can drain your battery. Don’t freak out if your Android is draining faster than usual. Get help from professionals at a phone repair shop in Miami. Our experts at My Mobile Xpert use the best ways to assist millions of consumers every day with phone repair problems like this. This article will explain what causes Android battery depletion and how to stop it.

Why is my Android Phone Losing Power so Quickly: Help from a Phone Repair Shop

There are several reasons why the battery on your Samsung Galaxy or Google Pixel may be depleting quickly. Some of the most typical ones are listed below:

● The battery is being depleted by an excessive number of warnings and pushes notifications.

● Location services are used by far too many apps.

● Too many applications are active in the background.

● The display is excessively luminous.

● Before turning off the screen, there is too much time left.

● No service is available on the phone.

● The mobile device’s operating system is dated.

● Your phone’s battery is affected by drastic temperature changes.

● The battery in the phone has run out of life.

Take help from a smartphone repair shop in Miami to get rid of this battery drainage problem. 

How can you Increase the Battery Life of your Phone?

This article is for you if you’re wondering why your phone is fading so quickly. Here’s how to charge and optimize your Android so that it runs more efficiently throughout the day. With a Samsung phone running Android 12.1, each solution was evaluated. For other Android smartphones, the procedures could differ slightly.

Fewer Push Notifications 

Notifications are how you keep connected and informed about everything, from breaking news to food delivery information. But if you have too many alarms running, your Android battery will be drained. To disable push notifications from an app:

● Choose Settings > Notifications (or Apps & notifications). There will be a list of apps.

● See all of the installed apps on your phone by tapping More (or See all).

● Choose the app for which you want to set a notification cap.

● Switch off the device next to the app name. The majority of the apps also let you click on each one individually to change notification preferences (for instance, you can let Instagram send you notifications for new comments while disabling them for new followers).

Tweak Your Location Services Preferences

You can navigate using location services on your phone and apps like Waze and Google Maps. But, location services can reduce the battery life of your device if they are active in the background while you aren’t traveling. To correct this:

● Open Settings and select Location.

● By flipping the switch at the top of the screen, you can stop location services from being used. To discover which apps are utilizing location services and to disable them individually, tap App permissions. On a Google Pixel, you may change this setting by selecting Apps & notifications > Advanced > Permission manager > Location. Or ask a professional computer repair service provider for help.

Modify the Brightness of your Screen

Next, consider lowering the brightness of your screen to conserve energy and prevent your battery from quickly depleting. Also, it helps stop burn-in from occurring on your screen, which might harm it permanently. Get help from a phone repair shop in Miami or follow these steps.

● Visit Settings.

● For more options, select Display > Brightness level.

● Choose your preferred brightness level with the Brightness slider.

● Also, you might try enabling Adaptive brightness, which changes your screen’s brightness based on the amount of light exposure, or Dark mode (or Dark theme), which utilizes a dark background to conserve pixels and battery life.

Change the Screen Timeout Controls

Screen timeout, which regulates how long it takes for your screen to go to sleep, is another feature that is worth changing. To preserve battery life, shorter intervals between sleep cycles are advised because your phone consumes energy to remain lit. To modify your screen timeout preferences:

● Visit Settings.

● Then select Screen timeout from the Display menu (or Display > Advanced > Screen timeout).

● There will be a list of periods. We advise setting your time interval between 30 and one minute.

Protect your Phone from Extreme Temperature 

Make careful to keep your phone out of extreme heat or cold whether you’re at home or on the go. Extreme weather conditions might damage your phone’s battery and threaten overheating and explosion, endangering your safety. Try to keep your phone somewhere that is 68° to 86° Fahrenheit warm. For more information on how to prevent your phone from overheating, see our guide.


Your smartphone has information about your life; safeguard it. Most phones can be fixed in 45 minutes or less by our reliable professionals. Schedule a repair now or go to your neighborhood phone repair shop in Miami. Think about having My Mobile Xpert replace your phone battery. Want to fix your battery? We’ll handle it. Our professionals can quickly replace or repair your phone’s battery. Call us right away to set up a service.

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