How Does Fuel Credit Card Work? All You Need to Know

Using a fuel credit card is more economically rewarding than using a general credit card to purchase fuel. Fuel credit cards are specifically designed to put money back in your pocket after fuel purchases, unlike ordinary credit cards. With the rising costs of fuel and fuel surcharges, obtaining a fuel credit card that works for you is advisable.

What is a fuel credit card?

A fuel credit card is specifically designed to offer a rebate or discount after purchasing petrol at the pumps. When you use a fuel credit card to buy petrol, you are rewarded with a discount, especially at fuel stations partnered with the card issuer.

What are the benefits of using fuel credit cards? 

In addition to providing rebates on fuel purchases, there are several other benefits associated with using fuel credit cards, including:

  • Cashback and reward points: Users can earn cashbacks or reward points on their fuel spending.
  • A waiver on fuel surcharge: Users can enjoy a waiver of up to 1% on fuel surcharges, in addition to the cashback or reward points.
  • Co-branded benefits: Users can enjoy co-branded benefits when used at fuel stations operated by partnering organisations.
  • Utility bill payments: Users can apply vouchers and reward points towards paying for their rent, electricity, telecom, and other utility bills.
  • Annual charge waiver: Annual charges can be written off if the user hits certain milestones in their spending under qualifying categories.
  • Complimentary access: Users can enjoy complimentary access to VIP lounges, airport lounges, partner restaurants, movie shows, and supermarkets per calendar year

How to qualify for a fuel credit card

Anyone can qualify for fuel credit cards if they meet the eligibility threshold. While applications for the card can be made online and via the offices of partnering organisations, below are some of the criteria for issuance:

  • The applicant should be 18 or older.
  • They should be resident of India.
  • They should have valid proof of income.
  • They should have a high credit rating as determined by credit score agencies.

The purpose of signing up for a fuel credit card is to enjoy its benefits, so choosing a card that meets your economic needs is essential. Here are the factors to consider before choosing a fuel credit card:

  • Spending behaviour: If you frequently fuel your car at a particular petrol station on your daily commute, choosing a fuel credit card that offers higher rewards for patronising that station brand is best.
  • Benefits versus fees: Fuel credit cards come with activation and annual fees, so ensuring that the monetary rewards and associated benefits outweigh the maintenance charges is important.
  • Comparison shopping: To obtain the best deal, shop around and compare benefits such as cashback, maintenance fees, and reward programs before choosing your credit card.

It’s important to note that almost all credit cards offer fuel surcharge waivers, but fuel credit cards specifically offer monetary value on fuel purchases. Other credit cards may offer value on other spending categories, including fuel, but at lower cashback or reward points.

When choosing a fuel credit card, it’s crucial to consider your spending habits, compare benefits and fees, and select the card that offers the best value for your specific needs.


A fuel credit card is designed to reward you with cashback, redeemable points, and access to loyalty programmes when the card is used to purchas

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