How Do I Setup My Netgear EAX15 ?

All you need to know about Netgear EXA15 Setup.Think about one of the most popular extenders right now. A later Netgear EAEverything X15 configuration will give you a strong WiFi network with lots of capacity, speedy speeds, and better coverage. With a speed of up to 1.8 Gbps, the Netgear AX1800 EAX15 WiFi 6 mesh extender provides faultless coverage across your home. There are four streams, so there is less interference. In this tutorial.

For your Netgear EAX15 device, perform the following configuration procedures::

  • Connect the Netgear EAX15 to a power source. 
  • Place the extender and router in the same location. 
  • Watch as a continuous green light emanates from the power LED. 
  • Any web browser should be set to see 
  • The screen displays the Netgear Installation Assistant page. 
  • To finish the procedure, adhere to the guidelines displayed on the screen. 
  • If all of the LEDs on the AX1800 turn solid green, configuration is complete. 
  • The extender should then be unplugged and replugged in the desired location.

You can manually configure your Netgear Nighthawk EAX15 in this way or through a web browser. However, we will show you how to install your wireless booster with a wireless protected setup button in the following blog. This is not only the method to install your extender.

How to install Netgear EAX15 Setup via WPS method?

Another quick and simple approach to configure your Nighthawk EAX15 is through wireless protected setup. You may configure your extender in around two minutes using the Netgear EAX15 Setup via WPS without having to enter a password or log in to anything. For this procedure, only a tiny button will need to be pressed.

The instructions for the Netgear EAX15 Setup via WPS are as follows:

  • The Nighthawk extender should be turned on. 
  • Put your AX1800 close to the current router. 
  • There will be a power LED that is green. 
  • Locate and push the WPS on the EAX15. 
  • Additionally, turn WPS on for your wireless router. 
  • Keep an eye out for the extender’s LEDs to turn green. 
  • Now that the setup process has been completely completed.

You can configure your Netgear Nighthawk EAX15 with the wifi protected setup in about two minutes by following these steps. We’ll go through how to set up your wifi booster using the Nighthawk app in the blog that follows.

  Netgear EAX15 Setup with the Netgear Nighthawk app

You may also set up your wifi booster using the Nighthawk app.To finish the Netgear EAX15 setup with the Nighthawk app, you’ll need a smartphone.

Using the Nighthawk app for Netgear EAX15 Setup, Follow the instructions below:

  • You can use your smartphone. 
  • Make sure the Nighthawk app is installed. 
  • Connect with the Netgear Ext. 
  • Launch the Nighthawk programme. 
  • To complete the setup procedure, adhere to all of the on-screen instructions. 
  • Your AX1800 extender can then be plugged in at the location of your choice. 

You may do this by using the Nighthawk app to personalize your Nighthawk EAX15 setup. If you’re still experiencing trouble with the setup process, contact our technical team at our toll-free number or use live chat. The next blog post will go over how to update the extender’s firmware to the most recent version. 

Netgear EAX15 AX1800 firmware upgrade 

The firmware is a group of programmes that have been put on hardware after Netgear EAX15 configuration. When a problem arises while using the extender, Netgear will occasionally send you the most recent firmware updates to help. Additionally helpful for maintaining security barriers and addressing problems, these upgrades. Let’s examine the firmware installation procedure. 

To upgrade the firmware on your Netgear EAX15, follow these instructions:

  • Start the Netgear EAX15. 
  • Use wifi to connect to any mobile device. 
  • Use a browser to go to 
  • Now open is the Netgear login page. 
  • Enter your username, password, and SSID along with other personal data. 
  • After choosing “Settings,” choose “Firmware Upgrade.” 
  • AX1800 configuration shouldn’t be interrupted by unplugging the device, thus take care. 

By updating your firmware to the most recent version, you can get the new security features and other advantages. In the article that comes after this one, we’ll demonstrate how to perform a factory reset on your extension. 

How to Reset Netgear EAX15?

A factory reset is often carried out when someone forgets their admin password and needs to find it. Following the factory reset process, your admin password, username, SSID, and other personal data will be erased. To do a factory reset on your Netgear EAX15, you need a sharp object, like a needle or toothpick. Let’s take a closer look at the factory reset procedure.

The steps for the Netgear EAX15 Reset process are as follows: 

  • Activate a mobile device, like a tablet, smartphone, or laptop. 
  • Grab a toothpick or other sharp, hard object. 
  • Find the reset button for the extender behind a little hole. 
  • Press the reset button for 10 seconds using a toothpick. 
  • Within a minute, your Netgear EAX15 will reboot and be ready to start the new configuration process.

In this way, you can reset your Netgear Nighthawk EAX15 AX1800. If you come into any issues during the setup, firmware update, or reset process, you can get in touch with our technical support team via live chat or our toll-free phone.

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