How to Get a Private Number Plate in the UK? Complete Guide

‍Do you own a car and want to give it an exclusive look? Getting a private number plate in the UK is your answer. With the ever-increasing value of personal data, consumers have grown wary of giving their contact details to businesses. Therefore, getting a private number plate is becoming more popular.

You no longer need to work with your spouse or in-laws simultaneously. Just get a private number plate and keep it that way. After all, who wants their friends and family to know where they live or what car they drive? You can know more about these number plates by surfing the internet. Just Google, e.g 4d gel number plates.

What is a Private Number Plate?

Every vehicle has a unique registration number stamped into the vehicle’s chassis. But, for privacy reasons, many people opt for having their registration number printed on the vehicle’s number plate. These plates are called private. There are certain benefits to having a private number plate. One of the most important benefits is choosing a special letter or number to identify your car. You can choose any number or letter that you like.

How Do You Get a Private Number Plate?

Getting a private number plate in the UK is not as simple as it sounds. You can get a private number plate in the UK only if you own or lease a vehicle that is registered in the UK. You can also get a private number plate if you own a yacht, aircraft, or hovercraft in the UK. To get a private number plate, you must first register the vehicle’s details with the DVLA (Directorate of Vehicle Registration).

The vehicle details you need to provide include the: Make, Model, Year, Registration Number, and Colour. You should also include a physical address to receive your plates. You can also opt to have your plates sent to a mailing address. Once the vehicle’s details are registered with the DVLA, you can apply for a private number plate. The best way to do this is to visit

Advantages of Getting a Private Number Plate

  • Emotional Connection: You can choose a unique number or letter to own and identify your car. You can select your number and letter. You can also choose the font, color, and even the design. This means you can get a private number plate with an interesting or unique design that distinguishes your car from the rest.
  • Privacy: You can choose any letter or number from the alphabet, numbers 0-9, or any other symbology. You can also choose to have your plates completely blank. This means that you can publish your address, have a letter, or have a completely blank number plate.
  • Customization: Most people like to have their cars customized with a unique number. This can be done by getting a private number plate that begins with an X, a Z, a 1-9, a 2-5, or other symbols. You can also choose a special combination of letters and numbers.

Disadvantages of Getting a Private Number plate

  • Expense: Private number plates are expensive. You must pay £500 (as of May 2018) to get a private number plate in the UK. 
  • Registration:  You must register your vehicle with the DVLA to get a private number plate. However, you do not need to do this if you choose to have your plates sent to a mailing address. 
  • Inconvenience: You must visit a private number plate office whenever you want to renew your plates. – Something is better than nothing. Private number plates are one of the most expensive registration options. Therefore, you may consider registering your vehicle with the DVTA (Traffic Light Information). This is a free service that provides you with a unique registration number. 

Where do I Get the Physical Plates?

You can order private number plates from any number of private number plate agencies online. Most of them have websites that make registering your details easy, ordering car-safe temporary plates, and even shipping your plates.

The best way to find the right agency is to do research online. Search for private number plate agencies in your local area. Compare the services offered by different agencies. Simply choose the private plate agency with the best reviews and lowest prices. You can also visit your local motor registry office to see what options are available for private number plate agencies.


The demand for private number plates is on the rise. People have become more cautious about giving out their contact details online. Registering your vehicle with the DVLA is the best way to get a private number plate. From there, you can apply for a private number plate. Choosing an agency with great reviews and low prices is important.

You want to get the best plates for your money. Private number plates are expensive and inconvenient. However, they also provide a great emotional connection, privacy, and customization.

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