Future of Investment in Blue World City Trade Center Rawalpindi?

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All of the Blue World Payment Plan’s blocks are attracting attention since they are the simplest and most practical. The trade center in particular is one of Pakistan’s best and most prestigious investment options. All of the amenities, services, and other aspects that it provides are excellent. In every department, as well. Investors are therefore seizing the chance immediately, both locally and abroad. Also, every building in Blue World City Islamabad ensures that the personal and professional aspects of an ideal and sophisticated lifestyle are addressed in the appropriate manner. Thus, it provides a way of living that other societies hardly ever use.

In addition, the Blue World Trade Center is the first skyscraper for property exchange in Pakistan. The resident’s and general public’s lives are made far more ideal and perfect, in addition to bringing a flood of commercial prospects on board. It has made trading much more doable and simple for investors.

Blue World City Investment

Although the Trade Center is the best and most ideal trading option for investors, there are many other issues that society needs to address. Well, all of the blocks in Blue World City give investors’ demands and wants a high level of consideration and perfection. Moreover, Blue World City’s NOC approval status is also quite significant.

The society’s extraordinarily talented and experienced developers are an even more crucial aspect. Because the company has been there for more than 20 years, the public has a lot of faith and confidence in Blue Group of Companies. Saad Nazir, the CEO, has not only stepped up and produced flawlessly in the real estate sector, but he also excels in a number of other fields. The business has everything covered, including marketing, printing, Blue Bricks, Blue Palm, clothing brands, the retail industry, architectural services, and more.

Blue World Trade Center

In terms of professional, trading, and business capabilities, the trade center is first and foremost one of the best locations for investors. By believing in the notion, the locals can achieve tremendous heights with their ideas and enterprises. Furthermore, it is uncommon for society to offer a complete set of all of them at one location.

Blue World Payment Plan – Trade Center

Blue World City’s price range is so seamless and simple, that’s exactly where it distinguishes itself from other home projects. Incredible combination of profitable investments that are both now and in the future viable, economical, and inexpensive. The Blue World Trade Center payment schedule can be found below;


The block makes 3, 6, and 18 Marla available to investors. Investors have a variety of plot options to choose from based on their preferences and requirements.

With a 175,000 down payment, 6 Marla is priced at 1,790,000. Yet, the installment payment per month is merely 17,500.

Priced at 3,150,000, the down payment for 12 Marla is 315,000. But the regular installment is $31,500.

With a down payment of PKR 420,00, 18 Marla is priced at PKR 4,200,000. Only PKR 42,000 is required as a monthly installment.

Keep in mind that the installment plan will last 40 months.


Currently, the block in the commercial district offers 5 Marla;

With merely 80,000 as the monthly payment, 5 Marla costs 8,000,000.

Place and additional factors

Prior to investing, we must carefully analyze the Blue World Trade Center Location map. The rates, in comparison, are far more reasonable & simple due to the surge of facilities & amenities that the block brings on board. It is situated in a posh and very commercial area of the twin cities. The investors would be in for a real treat because the property is close to the Major Chakri Road and is easily accessible from the high-traffic areas, Islamabad International Airport, and the M-2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway.

Trade Center also features a facsimile of Malaysia’s famous “Petronas Twin Towers.” It formerly held the title of largest structure on earth.

However, the Blue World Trade Center is a sizable 27-story tower.

It is without a doubt among the best possibilities for the corporate sector because of the endless influx of high-end and continuous business chances and career options. At your doorstep are an infinite number of Blue World Trade Center employment.


One of the biggest, busiest, and most futuristic investments is Blue World City, and it brings with it plenty of good news for the locals. The owners of the Trade Center and all other blocks are on the cusp of a significantly safer and more advantageous tomorrow thanks to the flood of features and amenities. Setting the correct investing priorities is essential, even though it is highly recommended to be fully informed and aware of all options.

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