Achieving Contemporary Home Design in New York with Steel Doors and Windows

When it comes to home design, no other state does it better than New York.

The Empire State is known for being one of the most innovative states in the US. It has a unique culture that takes on a life of its own in the local home design market. Homeowners and designers across New York constantly give rise to unique and modern home design trends that then spread throughout the country. While some of these trends are reminiscent of the vintage era of homes, most of them aim to highlight a more contemporary aesthetic. 

Every year, NY homeowners invest millions of dollars into home improvement projects. That’s also what makes New York one of the leaders in innovative home design in the country. Despite the type of home improvement project you might be planning, there’s an important aspect of your home that you should never ignore — the doors and windows! Let’s have a deeper look.

Importance of Contemporary Steel Doors and Windows

Modern home design is all about saying more with less. Ever since minimalism took the global design market by storm, it has defined modern styles in every niche. The term “contemporary design” now describes the sleek yet functional aesthetics of all the aspects that make up a modern New York home.

Contemporary home design in NY is largely characterized by single-toned neutral colors, smooth finishes, and minimalistic styles. The best way to achieve this type of home design is by installing black steel doors and windows. Steel entry doors and interior doors have always been popular choice among homeowners everywhere, but they’ve quickly become a top choice in NY. There’s a particular appeal to them that other materials can’t emulate as effectively. 

Today, black steel doors and windows are almost synonymous with contemporary home design in New York. The large variety of styles and types they’re available in is also a major reason for their popularity. Here’s a brief look at some of them.

Types of Contemporary Steel Doors

Depending on the functionality and style you’re looking for, there are many types of entry steel doors and interior doors you can choose from.

Steel Sliding Doors

Steel sliding doors are the top choice for homeowners who prioritize saving space in an innovative way. The biggest appeal of steel sliding doors is that they can be designed however you want, and they’ll still appear stylish. You can customize the size of the glass panes in the doors, as well as the orientation of the sliding motion. 

You can start by replacing all of the swinging doors in your NY home with steel sliding doors to elevate its interior design. While steel sliding doors aren’t an ideal choice for entry doors, they’re still highly impactful when used as interior doors. The metal track hinged at the bottom of the door frame gives steel sliding doors the flexible mobility they require. Since they move about a fixed axis, all of the rough swinging motions are no longer necessary either. This makes them ideal as pantry doors and office doors.

Steel Pocket Doors

Another highly appealing and functional type of steel door that’s popular in NY is steel pocket doors. You might’ve come across pocket doors in your friends’ homes since they’re commonly used as bathroom entry doors. Pocket doors slide into a pocket in the wall beside them, making them one of the most efficient space-saving door types on the market. 

Steel Dutch Doors

If you’re into the vintage style of home design, then steel Dutch doors will be ideal for you. It’s hard to find door styles that are both vintage and contemporary at the same time, but Dutch doors do the job well. They’re divided into a vertically split design, with the bottom half being a fixed steel plate and the top being a swinging glass screen. You can also find steel Dutch doors with fixed glass panes. This door type can give your home’s exterior a unique curb appeal if you install one as your entry door.

Air 4 Dutch - Single Flat -  Dual Setup

Steel Office Doors

Home offices are more in-demand in New York now than ever before. Even in some actual workplaces, you’ll find steel office doors that add to the modern aesthetic of the space. Steel office doors are the most spectacular when they incorporate the French door style. The large glass panes make them highly attractive as they promote the passage of sunlight throughout the space.

Steel Patio Doors

New York homeowners love their patios, which is why steel patio doors are all the rage these days. There’s no better way to achieve contemporary home design than by installing large steel patio doors in your home. Steel French doors that serve as entryways for patios and decks can make your home stand out from many others in your neighborhood.

Types of Contemporary Steel Windows

Moving on to steel windows, there are two main types you should be aware of.

Fixed Windows

Fixed steel windows are a common choice among NY homeowners due to their contemporary look. They typically contain large undivided glass panes that illuminate any space they’re installed in. You should opt for modern fixed steel windows if you have limited space in your home.

Casement Windows

If you have enough space to install swinging windows, go for casement steel windows! Casement windows are hinged from one side and can be swung in one direction. You can choose between double casement windows, single casement windows, or even double casement windows with a fixed middle panel. The latter style is rapidly gaining popularity in New York!

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