City Wars: Which Version of the Real Housewives is Best

Are you a reality TV series fan? You must have heard about “The Real Housewives”. The Real Housewives is a famous reality TV series whose seasons are with various spinoffs based in different cities.

From Atlanta to New York, Beverly Hills to Miami, and even Johannesburg, this franchise has given viewers a glimpse of the dramatic lives of wealthy women. Are you interested in knowing the best versions of “ The Real Housewives”?

The “Housewives” have given us catty fights and laugh-out-loud moments for over a decade. The series is currently holding a strong airing, with seven shows. We will explore the different seasons and find out which stands out the best from the rest.

The Different Versions of “The Real Housewives”

We will discuss the different versions of The Real Housewives in this blog. We will help you in finding the best version for you. Let’s have a look!

The Real Housewives of Johannesburg (RHOJ)

Like other seasons, “The Real Housewives of Johannesburg” brought its unique flavor to the franchise. The show’s latest season promises excitement, showcasing the luxurious lifestyles of Johannesburg’s wealthiest women and their budding friendships.

Viewers will look inside the daily lives of seven South African women in Johannesburg. They balance their roles as mothers, entrepreneurs, and confidants. Do you want to watch this? Watch this one on DStv Outside South Africa.  

The show is a world-class production. This show allows us to watch the beautiful side of South Africa. The colonizers intentionally focused on the bad side of Africa. But this version presents the beautiful side of South Africa. We cannot deny that Africa is beautiful, and Africans are making the most.

The Real Housewives of New York City (RHONY)

The show delivers some of the most memorable moments about New York City. The Real Housewives of New York City is one of the best versions of The Real Housewives. It is a must-watch if you are in the mood for a good comedy show.

They show some epic fights in this series that make us hilarious to watch. The story is about six independent women. The best part about the cast of “RHONY” is that the women don’t care how they act in front of the cameras.

 They aren’t trying to edit themselves, which some other shows get called out on. The ladies of “New York City” are genuinely staying true to their character and bad behavior. So, are you in the mood for a good laugh? This version of The Real House is for you!

Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA)

The Real Housewives of Atlanta is another best version of the real Housewives. The ladies of Atlanta were the third “Housewives” franchise to grace our TV screens, and thank goodness they did.

This series is a story from a housewife of the American South. The show has earned a dedicated fan base for its unapologetic attitude and Southern charm. Each cast has a strong personality that keeps the viewers hooked for years.

Many housewives in the show are successful entrepreneurs. Each one has its own business. The women have launched businesses like beauty product ventures, fashion lines, etc. The Real Housewives of Atlanta has maintained its popularity over the years. It has become the longest reality TV series in the franchise. This series contains interesting sights of Atlanta’s culture and unique scenes.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH)

“Beverly Hills” was known for having top-tier drama and laughs, but the women have become a little too self-aware over the past few seasons. They’re more concerned about serving a high-fashion look with flawless makeup and hair than rolling up their sleeves and throwing a glass of wine in someone’s face.

This version of the Rea Housewives is famous for its glamorous cast and luxurious lifestyles. It has become fans’ favorite for its high-profile drama and entertaining parties. The whole show is full of glitz and glamour of Beverly Hills. It automatically attracts viewers for over a decade.

No, are you interested in knowing which version of the housewife is best? This show has many versions, and saying which one is the best is quite challenging.

Which Version of the Real Housewives is Best?

Choosing the best version of The Real Housewives is completely depends on the individual preferences. Some of you might enjoy the glamours of Beverly Hills. At the same time, others may enjoy the humor of New York City.

You may also love Johennersburg’s unique culture or bold personalities. The choice of the best version is all about your taste. So, start watching what you find interesting.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, each version of this reality TV show is a matter of personal taste. Each city brings its charm and drama to the franchise. Start watching this show on our recommendations, and you won’t regret it.

But you need to subscribe to the right streaming service to enjoy each interesting season of this TV show. What are you waiting for? Go and start watching this lovely TV series with a touch of the vibrant culture of different cities worldwide. Explore the diverse, unique culture!

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