7 Hacks for Increasing Phone Battery Life by Mobile Phone Repair Shop in Scarborough

It’s more difficult to replace your phone’s lithium-ion battery than it is to care for it properly in the first place. Many mobile phones need to provide users with simple access to their batteries. It includes all iPhones and several high-end Android phones from companies like Samsung. Official battery replacements are frequently costly and inconvenient. There are also environmental issues to consider. Mobile phones are a disaster for the environment, and prolonging your battery’s life helps offset that.

Here are some tips from a mobile phone repair shop in Scarborough for preserving and extending your phone battery life. By battery lifespan, I mean the number of years and months it will survive before needing to be replaced.

Learn how your phone’s battery diminishes.

A charge cycle is a complete battery discharge and charge from 0% to 100%. Some phone owners charge their phones more than once daily, while others charge them less. After 400 charge cycles, a phone’s capacity degrades by 20%. It can only store 80% of the energy it did previously.

The less you charge and drain the battery, the longer it will last. It would help if you struck a balance between battery life and usability. Some of my suggestions below may apply to someone else. On the other hand, there may be things you can do fast that are fine with your style.

Watch out for push notifications.

How much is battery life drained by push notifications—those app-specific messages occasionally appearing on your lock screen? That is debatable, but consider this: When your phone receives a network notice, it lights up and, depending on your settings, vibrates or emits a noise. All of this drains your battery, especially if you receive many updates. To delete all except the most important notifications, toggle the push notification choices in your settings screen or within the apps themselves.

Avoid fast charging.

Rapidly charging your phone puts strain on the battery. Fast charging should be avoided unless necessary. The slower you charge your battery, the better, so if you don’t mind overnight slow charging, go for it. Setting your phone via computer or smart plugs can limit the current flowing into your phone, decreasing its charge rate. Some external battery packs may delay the charging pace. It might damage your battery, and you need to contact a reputable mobile phone repair shop in Scarborough.

Reduce the screen’s brightness.

The screen on a smartphone is the component that consumes the most battery power. Dimming the screen’s brightness will conserve electricity. Auto Brightness saves battery for most users by automatically lowering screen brightness when there is less light, although it requires extra work from the light sensor. The most effective way to preserve the battery in this area would be to control it manually and obsessively. When ambient lighting changes, manually set it to the lowest apparent setting.

Clear out apps

Even if you’re not using an app, it might operate in the background and drain your smartphone’s battery life. Android smartphones allow you to “multitask” with apps that are running in the background; to swiftly close them, go to “Applications” in your settings, then press either the “Manage Applications” or “Running” option. Go through the list and choose any that you are not using, then select “Force Stop” or “Stop.”

Apps on iPhones do not “multitask” like on Android phones, but the idea is the same: Unused apps slowly but steadily drain your battery life. Push the home button twice on the bottom of your iPhone to bring up a list of apps that are now open on your device, then hold your finger on one of them until they all start twitching: To entirely close the apps, hit the red “minus” icon.

Use dark (or black) wallpaper.

If your phone has an AMOLED display, as many popular Android smartphones do, but the iPhone does not, each pixel on the screen requires a little amount of power to “light up.” As a result, the more black pixels on your screen, the better. Make a dark wallpaper your default, and use dark themes for programmes whenever possible.

Be cautious of location services.

Many iPhone and Android apps employ “location services” to do things like tag status updates with GPS data (“We’re at Disney World!”) or identify good discounts in your region. It can limit battery life, so keep an eye on it. Look for a little arrow at the top of your menu bar to see if an app uses location services.

Final Words

Although lithium-ion battery technology is well understood and cell phones are designed around our use cases, poor habits and beliefs persist in the public perception. While most of these activities will not significantly impact your phone’s battery life in the long run, the fall in detachable phone batteries means we should take extra steps to maximize battery life and, consequently, the durability of our smartphones.

The main points to remember are smaller regular charge cycles and keeping your phone cool. However, different phone batteries will always age slightly differently depending on how we treat them.

For more details, visit Mobile Defender – A phone repair shop in Scarborough.

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